Hey Peggy Sue...

Welcome to the wonderland that is CHROME. We are the diamond in the rough of West Texas. Oil fields, cotton rows, cattle, 10-gallon hats, and home to an original American fashion icon...Buddy Holly.

CHROME is a twist of luxury, splash of design, and a homage to the original hipster. We are anchored on the exact birth spot of the rock 'N roll legend. The heritage can be felt in every turn as you peruse our lifestyle store. 14 years ago, we opened the doors with a focus on design, quality, and leading retail in new directions. Today, we are known the world over as changing the landscape of gifts, fashion, and shopping. If you are looking for what is next...right now...CHROME is your wonderland. 

We hope you enjoy your experience as you visit our site. No matter where you may live in the world. Rest assured our buyers' passion is to curate the unique, limited edition, hard to find, and just all-around cool pieces. Our mix is like no other...A little Texas, a little global chic, and little out of this world.

A visit to CHROME...Maybe Baby...That'll be the day...



Live Humbly Hip! 

Stephen Spiegelberg