Welcome To Las Vegas Ornament
Welcome To Las Vegas Ornament
Cody Foster & Co.

Welcome To Las Vegas Ornament


Experience the thrill of the iconic Sin City right on your Christmas tree with the "Welcome To Las Vegas" Sign Ornament by Cody Foster. Expertly crafted from top-tier glass, this ornament mirrors the legendary neon sign that has greeted countless adventurers. Whether you're reminiscing about a Vegas trip or dreaming of one, this vibrant decor piece encapsulates the city's lively spirit. A true testament to Cody Foster's attention to detail and love for iconic landmarks, this ornament is a jackpot for holiday enthusiasts and Las Vegas lovers alike. Let your festive decor shine bright and bold, just like the city that never sleeps.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 2.75" T x 4" W x .75" D
  • Material: Glass
  • Details: Handblown, fragile