Jack Black The Closer 5-Blade Razor
Jack Black The Closer 5-Blade Razor

Jack Black The Closer 5-Blade Razor


An exclusive design, The Closer Razor is an ergonomic 5-blade cartridge razor with a precision trimmer and features an inset pad grip and diamond etched knurling for maximum control and easy handling.

The Closer Razor comes with a handle and two 5-blade cartridges that:

  1. Are made in Solingen, Germany
  2. Include a precision trimmer and pivoting head
  3. Are diamond-coated for sharpness and durability
  4. Are suitable for sensitive skin
  5. Are Dermatologist tested
  • A pain-free shave starts with clean skin. Clear away pore-clogging dirt and oil with Pure clean Daily Facial Cleanser, Deep Dive® Glycolic Facial Cleanser, or Face Buff Energizing Scrub.
  • Shaving after a hot shower is optimal since steam opens up pores and softens coarse hairs.
  • Apply Supreme Cream Triple Cushion® Shave Lather or Beard Lube® Conditioning Shave to smooth and soften whiskers for an easier glide.
  • Hold the razor at a 30° angle.
  • Use long, even strokes and move the razor in the direction of hair growth–“with the grain.”
  • For a really close shave, re-lather your face and shave gently against the grain–slow and steady!
  • Reusing blades too many times can lead to nicks, uncomfortable dragging on the skin, and rust forming on the blades. Replace your blades after 5-6 uses, more often if you have a heavy beard.