New Flagship Store with exclusive designer collabs brings West Coast cool to Texas

Welcome to CHROME – a retail diamond in the rough of West Texas. Created by Stephen Spielgelberg nearly 20 years ago, CHROME is all about heart, soul, collaboration and the unique union of West Coast vibes and West Texas frontier spirit. We’ve coined it TexCoast Style! Today, CHROME proudly unveils its brand-new website (if you’re reading this hi! You’re already seeing how great it looks), and celebrates its new brick and mortar which opened in June 2020 on Slide Road, in Lubbock, TX.

CHROME leads by directional selection and curation of the world’s best designed apparel and most sought-after gifts. A destination for shoppers and the industry alike, CHROME serves as a lookout point for retail in the Midwest. Covering an impressive 6000 square feet of floor space – everything IS bigger in Texas – when you walk through the doors you’ll find a cutting-edge retail experience that showcases unexpected products to spark a conversation and help you build a lifestyle.

Committed to promoting learning and organic discovery of the best in apparel, accessories, beauty, wellness, home décor and more, CHROME presents its offerings in a clean, white modern space, both IRL and online. Stephen and his team firmly believe that CHROME is a blank canvas, and the products found inside are the art. Originally opening its doors in 2002 on the very spot Buddy Holly was born, it’s only natural the store immediately gives you a sense that it understands the heart of originality and cool.

The new CHROME website was designed to best replicate the in-store experience for those who can’t visit the store right this moment, while elevating the must-see store niche experience all the way from Lubbock to fashion consumers around the world. The site is dedicated to editorial content that teaches visitors about the exclusive brands found within Chrome – you’ll feel like you’re reading the pages of a fashion magazine.The website offers items that range in price from $10 up to $1500, offering something for every shopper.

The main goal is to bring CHROME to the doors of its loyal customers - they’ve got shoppers in every state in America and have shipped to Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. This new web platform represents what they have worked so hard to cultivate in the store, and the online destination is an important part of sharing the wild enthusiasm, creative mindset and playfulness that is the in-store experience.

“The disruption of business created by COVID is an opportunity for CHROME to stand up, share its vision and positive energy and excitement for fashion, design, art and retail. We believe that the experience of retail, the personal interaction with your favorite in-store stylist or buyer, is alive and vital to the shopping experience,” describes Stephen of his retail and web launches. “We will honor the traditions of retail while building on this foundation to create a new, modern hybrid of in-store and online that reflects today’s spirit & lifestyle. We want to connect with community that is local, national and global, and open customer’s minds to talented designers and artists.”