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Tumbleweed Texstyles

Tumbleweed Tejas Yucca Tan T-Shirt

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You say Texas. I say Tejas. Actually, I say Tejas Yucca T-shirt!

The orange letters of Tejas and the green Yucca leaves really pop against the tan shirt. If you look at the shirt real quick like, it looks as if Tejas has a wild hairdo … but those are just the yucca leaves.

  • There are 16 varieties of the yucca plant in Texas, but here at Tumbleweed TexStyles you will only find two varieties of the Tejas Yucca shirt: It comes in the women’s muscle tank and in a T-shirt.
  • You will like this shirt made from a blend of 65 percent polyester and 35 percent cotton. Polyester makes for a lighter shirt. The cotton allows the fabric to breathe.
  • Unisex - 60% polyester, 40% cotton Texas t-shirt.