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Nouba Millebaci 15 Liquid Lipstick


Nouba Millebaci Liquid Lipstick 15 is the ultimate long lasting yet comfortable lip cream. Instant payoff, an unbeatable velvet touch with a perfect skin feel. A super fluid texture creates an unparalleled high pigment colour and an invisible extra long lasting film.

  • Immediate coverage. Extra thin film. Matte and velvety finish.
  • Vitamin E ensures antiaging properties. Borage oil makes the texture soothing and highly softening. Silicone elastomers create a creamy and flexible film to avoid smudging or cracking. The modular evaporation of volatile substances fixes the color. Delicately vanilla scented.
  • How to use: Apply on the lips. Wait a few seconds to allow the proper fixing of the elastic polymers contained in the formula. Now you are ready to spread your 1000 kisses!