M&F Minnie Bubble Bath
M&F Minnie Bubble Bath

M&F Minnie Bubble Bath


Key Features

  • Bubble bath by M.A.D Beauty & Disney merchandise
  • Instant mood-booster 
  • Designed to help you relax and de-stress
Product Description:
Mad Beauty are proud to release their newest range in the “Mickey & Friends” series featuring these new bubble baths. These delicious bubble baths, will make your bath super relaxingGreat gift to liven up little ones bath or to treat yourself after a hard day of work.

How to Use/Directions:
Dissolve the solution in bath or running water to create soft, fluffy bubbles for a relaxing bath! Store in a cool, dry place away from light when not in use

  • Brand - Disney
  • Type - Bubble Bath
  • Age - 3 Years+
  • Quantity - 250ml