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Honeysuckle & Jasmine Ritual Oil

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Both honeysuckle and jasmine are used for psychic awareness and focus, prophetic dreams, spirituality, and wealth. Jasmine is also used for love, and honeysuckle for healing. This oil is great for well-rounded intentions. Aloe vera (protection/ luck) and witch hazel (protection/ chastity) are both great for hydration and detoxification. Safflower Oil has a high concentration of linoleic acid which helps boost the quality and appearance of your skin.

  • Ritual Body Oil made with jasmine and honeysuckle essential oils, safflower oil, quartz crystals.
  • These super-smell-good body and linen sprays come in a 10mL amber glass bottle and are made with essential oils, witch hazel, aloe vera water, and purified quartz crystal infused water!