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Clara Cakes: Batter Up

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Clara Cakes features seven years worth of tried and true vegan dessert recipes created by Clara Cakes’ teenage founder and CEO, Clara Polito. With an early start in her family’s kitchen, Clara was just twelve years old when she started baking and created her namesake company. Clara hand-sold her first sweets at music and art shows throughout Los Angeles, turning the show-goers into taste-testers, then forever customers.

Already a greatly accomplished baker at the tender age of just 19, Clara has created special gems of recipes such as: the Inception Cookie–a chocolate chip cookie covered Oreo that has and blown away endless minds; to nourish long workdays, there’s a Breakfast Cake recipe which contains banana cake, maple frosting, and caramelized corn flakes; when in love, there’s the Neapolitan Cake–a vanilla cake with chocolate pudding and strawberry frosting; if feeling randy, there’s the Sexy Cake–a zesty lime cake topped with tangy lime frosting and spicy, salty blueberry sauce. We’d like to say we have all our bases covered.

  • Trim Size: 7-1/4 x 9
  • Page Count: 144