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Bando Be Nice Back Me Up! Mobile Charger

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back it up! back it up! you've got it! and by "it", we mean power! we took our super popular mobile chargers and gave them a total makeover with a slimmer profile. oh, and there's a protective lid to keep the 8-pin safe so you won't have to think about how many more snapchats you can get in while you're out dancing.

  • 3.125 in. x 2.25 in. x 0.125 in.
  • infused plastic
  • nylon cord
  • 3,000 mah capacity
  • 8-pin/lightning port
  • charges iphone 6/6s up to 100%, iphone 7/7s up to 80%, and iphone 8 up to 60%
  • micro usb to usb 2.0 charging cable included